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two gay cowboys in love
  Ennis embraces Jack in Brokeback Mountain

Jack and Ennis tend the sheep on Brokeback Mountain


My obsession began in September. Just after Labor Day, 2005. For years I had been holding out to watch the film first, but suddenly I had to read the story, and blog immediately, I was hooked. I began blogging feverishly, and accumulated a vast assortment of links. Volunteers joined in, and now a dozen people are working every day to bring you this guide and The Ultimate Brokeback Forum.

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The Ultimate Brokeback Forum is the discussion site dedicated to the movie and the phenomenon. Over 1,000 registered users and 20,000 posts in the first month. Find the freshest links posted by readers constantly; great analysis and gut-wrenching stories of how the film/book have affected you guys. And plenty of enthusiasm and ideas for spreading the word. Thank you for all the great links and stories. Keep them coming.

The discussion began in the comments links on my blog. You quickly overran the old software on the Salon server, so we started a proper discussion forum. We're assembling an archive of all (56) of the comment threads. Check back soon.

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You have no idea how bad it gets.
Jack Twist
  Ennis embraces Jack in Brokeback Mountain